Technology Now & Then

On Friday we met with residents at Heathergreen Court, Walton and Roger Arden and Brian Cummings Court in Bootle. We chatted to them about the impact that new technologies have on people, but also the effect past technologies have had on their own lives.

What technology do you remember being introduced?

“the first plug we got in our house. We had one socket – if we wanted to have the radio upstairs we had to run an extension. We got a tele when I was 3, but we had to change it in 64/65 when BB2 came out . It took 3 of us to change the channel because the buttons were on the side”

“The washing machine”

“The electronic typewriter”

“people use to laugh at the idea of going into space”

“science has advanced so quickly”

“If you were studying, you used to get a book, go to college, watch open university 4AM – now all online”


The group had lived through many introductions of technology, and seen the rate of change increase too, especially in the last 15 years, with the internet. In general, people felt that these developments had been positive, making tasks easier, connecting people, opening up new possibilities.

However, there were a couple of downsides expressed, with the potential for new technologies to be abused, and also the lack of established technological etiquette:

“over-hearing phone calls”

“Phones interupting real conversations”

“headphones too loud on the bus”

So, it may be that we develop advice on technological etiquette to be shared using the Peppers Ghost Portal.
One good piece of advice for those wishing to use new gadgets?

“make sure you turn the computer on or you’re wasting your time”

post-script: The History of the type-writer:

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