User Testing Prototypes

An interesting day on the Portal project as myself and artist Dave Lynch shared out prototype portal devices with the residents. As any artist knows, sharing work in progress can be nerve wracking, and this session was no different. The feedback from the residents though was insightful, honest and useful in helping both of us think about what direction the works needed to develop in. Certainly it was an interesting environment for us to share work-in-progress!

For each artwork, the residents first tested it as they might find it in a gallery, without any explanation beforehand from the artist. Then they fed-back their initial responses as to what they thought it might be and what they felt about the piece. Finally each artist discussed the intentions for the work and gave the residents a chance to ask questions and suggest ways to develop the work.

The final pieces will be part of the exhibition at FACT on May 15th, entitled ‘Can You See Me? I Can Hear You!’


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