Impossible visitations from ghosts, holograms and time travellers have been used as dramatic devices across cultures, throughout the ages. They enable characters to share thoughts that would otherwise be private and often act as the key moment of revelation in a story.

Today, telepresence is accessible through the ubiquity of devices such as smartphone and iPads, and free tools like Skype. The possibilities for new forms communication have been opened up in the everyday sphere.

Re-Dock artists Sam Meech, Neil Winterburn, John O’Shea and Tim Brunsden are working with Tenantspin residents to explore questions around future telepresence, and the history of tele-communication technology. If you could send a message through time, would what you say?

Through a series of hands-on workshops with iPads, we are collaborating with the residents to role play future telepresence scenarios, and creating digital installations and online artworks that play with the possibilities and restrictions of sending a message.

The workshops and artworks twill be shared as part of an exhibition at FACT in the Connects space from 15th May.


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